Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pam Hogg Reveals All - talk at the V&A 14th March

She started off studying fine art but she doesn't draw her designs, 'They're all in my head', she said at her recent talk at the V&A to a full house as she explained the complexities within her creative process. She spent the 80's establishing herself as part of the London artistic scene and by the end of the 90's she'd given up fashion design more or less to focus on her music (she sings btw) and a dj career. In the past few years she's once again donned her fashion crown and taken to the catwalk with seasonal shows via the Fashion Scout platform amalgamating her various talents within music, film and fashion by means of expressing her creative outlook.

She is indeed a scene queen and embraces a red carpet walk with the best of them, Pam represents a side of London life that appears both in the mainstream press and with the rock 'n' roll elite. She likes to party but ultimately she's a focused and intense individual. 
Knowing Pam Hogg for some years she's extremely passionate about everything she does, her life is full of drama as she strives for her vision to become reality. Fashion is a tough old world let it be said and Pam's struggle for perfection has led her to a life on the edge and I suspect she wouldn't have it any other way. She more than once explained she didn't have any money, slept a mere 2 hours a night in the weeks leading up to her London fashion week shows and went out foraging for inspiration on the streets of Dalston. Working like this she has found that flashes of perfection reach her imagination like thunderbolts... the show must go on! 
Pam's bodysuits made of intricate figure forming patternage have become her signature pieces, they emerged in the 80's and have featured in magazines by rock and pop royalty alike. And so, as each season goes by Pam Hogg further develops the look, sheer, lace and sequined but it's the shiny multi-coloured ones that have set the precedent and they're a bugger to produce, so much so Pam takes it upon herself to make each one herself. Do not be deceived though, Pam is no one trick pony, delve into the Hoggsters collections and find her draped gowns, party frocks, tailored suits and ruffled and strapped creations are at once futuristic, glam and gothic all at the same time. She says she feels she's empowering women, that's one of her main themes and although she doesn't feel over political there are overt symbols within her female stand point, some more obvious than others. 
Further into the talk Pam explains further personal revelations, ideas plucked seemingly from thin air relay a sense of a spiritual journey, each collection interlinking with the next within the context of social awareness. A close bond with her father revealed something of a eureka moment in more recent years when reminded that her childhood bedtime reading matter consisted of the book 'The Pilgrim's Progress' by John Bunyon from 1678. She refreshed her mind and reread it realizing all these years she had been subconsciously referencing passage after passage from the book. Pam's penny dropped and after such a sharing instant with us Pam excitedly and in depth explained how it all made sense...

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