Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Princess Julia X Space NK S/S Instore Campaign

My most recent outing as part of the Space NK instore campaign... #BeautyIntelligence





Friday, 9 October 2015


The Glory presents


‘An Audience with Princess Julia’

'The first lady of London’s fashion scene’ 

The Guardian

‘Princess Julia has been out every night for the past 34 years’ 

Tim Banks, The Gentlewoman


‘A journey through London’s counter-culture scene


‘An Audience with Princess Julia’ is a spoken word piece, taken from her own memoirs supported by short films and montage by her friend, DJ and similarly long-standing member of the club scene Jeffrey Hinton. Never one to dwell on the past she invites the inimitable drag and club personality of today, Jacqui Potato to create a performance inspired by her life and with a special guest to join her in conversation, ‘An Audience With Princess Julia’ is an inclusive, celebratory reminiscence of London’s glorious counter-culture tradition bought right up to date by it’s most enduring and much loved star.


Princess Julia would never boast to having seen ‘it all’ but she certainly has seen a lot in her very colourful life as a central figure on London’s underground club and fashion scene. From Punk in the mid 70’s to the New Romantics, Leigh Bowery’s club Taboo in the mid 80’s, The Blitz and through the rave scene of the 90’s to the present day. She remains the constant in a sea of change. Known as much for her own inspiring, flawless looks which themselves document the fashions of the day as for her music from her career as a DJ, her support for emerging creative talents, her work as a fashion and music journalist and for the force of her sheer personality alone; Princess Julia is uniquely placed to comment on how the city’s night-life has changed both aesthetically and musically and how it influenced the city’s wider culture and beyond.


Written and performed by Princess Julia

Film by Jeffrey Hinton

Directed by Jonny Woo

Set Design by Gary Card

Guest Performance from Jacqui Potato

Princess Julia’s wardrobe by Ed Marler and Ryan Lo

Writing Assistant Polly Rappaport

Art work supplied by Simon Nicholas Gray


Facebook event link https://www.facebook.com/events/1701432820090951/

Ticket link http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/search/?keyword=AN+AUDIENCE+WITH+PRINCESS+JULIA

Thursday, 20 August 2015

iD Magazine #COMINGOFAGE issue

a letter to your teenage self

It’s the age of insecurities, awkward firsts and growing pains; if only we knew then what we know now! To celebrate the release of The Coming of Age Issue, we’ve asked some of our favourite contributors to write a letter to their 16-year-old selves. Get nostalgic and pick up some pearls of wisdom, but always remember being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER... News about a play I'm in

I have joined The East London Session Players for a Cameo role in Tennessee Williams Classic Suddenly, Last Summer at the recently opened pub, club and performance space The Glory, at East Londons Kingsland Road. The cast list is quite a wow with Jonny Woo taking the role of Mrs Venebles, John Sizzle as Mrs Holly, Moa Johansson as Cathy, Giorgio Spieglfeld as Dr Krutivitch and Little Jimmy Johnson as George, I play Miss Foxhill btw! 

Taking theatre to another level DJ and archivist Jeffrey Hinton experiments with sound and vision to create an other worldly ambience, costumes by Max Allen add to the drama. 

Jonny Woo in rehearsal 

Me in dress rehearsal as Miss Foxhill 

From Monday 20th July we begin a run of 7 nights. Here's the link to the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/456707967830913/ 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Style lovers amongst us know what it's like in the fashion world, it's a tough world to survive in! Seasons come and go and fashion week arrives with haste. At the end of each season designers get ready for orders and it's our independent boutiques who pick up on the unique designs that make London Fashion Week and the worldwide fashion calendar so special... 
We celebrate the many stores and tastemakers who cherry pick designers with Fashiion Independents' Day #FIDAY an awareness day where fashion commentators and bloggers run around London visiting stores and posting their experience on social media. The person with the most votes wins. In conjunction with Frock Advisor it's a fun way to explore the diversity on fashion scene from the catwalk to the street. So come and join us on Thursday 28th May either online or in person and support independent fashion boutiques.
Go to... http://frockadvisor.com for more information. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Step back in time... Personal appearance at The Proud Archivist Wednesday 27th May

Some you might know I've been collecting my thoughts and experiences for a while now. Come and join me for a reading and Q&A later this month...

Monday, 9 March 2015

Having a moment with Lulu... 'The one thing that's always been there for me is the music'

Last week I went to an informal chat between Cerys Matthews, she of Catatonia and the one and only Lulu to promote Lulu's brand new album 'Making Life Rhyme'. I've actually met Lulu a couple of times and well I stood behind her in the Take That video for the Dan Hartman cover Relight My Fire dressed in a chain-mail bikini, it is a blink and you'll miss me moment btw. 

Having a moment with Lulu!
She's been resigned to Decca, and after revealing she's been in a bit of dark place of late Lulu is really feeling the love as she is about to embark on a tour. 'The one thing that's always been there for me is the music', she says. 
She first signed to Decca at the age of 14 and pretty swiftly became a sensation singing all those songs we know and love her for... Shout, To Sir With Love the list goes on, I liked it when she dueted with Bowie for The Man Who Sold The World lol. Cerys was really good at taking a trip down Lulu's memory lane bringing up her tv career highlights like when Jimi Hendrix decided to change tack on one of her shows launching into a Cream song by way of a dedication. 
Lulu always saw herself as a singing artist-not a songwriter so this album is a bit of a revelation, both on a personal level and in the wider scheme of things. Writing with her brother Billy Lawrie Lulu has been witness to some great songwriters of our time, Elton John, Barry Gibb... Somewhere along the line she's subconsciously been taking notes because she's honed her own songwriting skills and let it be known Lulu can write a hook!
Her style is a bit blusey, her raspy soulful voice is well suited to her old style r 'n' b and she looks like she's rather enjoying herself. As she so aptly put it, 'It started with the music and it's ended with the music'.