Friday, 17 September 2010


We launched The Glorified £ Shop on the 16th September... my old flat mate Stephen Jones OBE cut the ribbon! Here we are the crack 'A team' Lilee, me, Stephen Jones, Felicity, Josh... Events include Scottee's 'Working Class Culture' . Sami Knight vintage hair styling, next session Sunday 19th September...
Wayne... Stephen
Hannah.... Stephen
Bridie and Angel Rose...

Artist Angel Rose will creating an installation 'Angel Rose's Misfortunes' on Wednesday 22nd at THE GLORIFIED £ SHOP, her work centers around the the idea of the unknown with visual and artistic references that veer towards the macabe. Angel Rose's interactive works invite the viewer to become part of her installation's. In this case she explores 'fate' with one to one conversation encased in her own art!