Friday, 9 September 2011

Modeling For Illamasqua and Other Experiences

Well, I actually did go to the casting for Illamasqua's latest campaign 'Theatre Of The Nameless' and I was most excited and flattered to be asked to part of this latest shoot. Alex Box did my makeup which was fascinating,  there's nothing I like more than being coated with a liberal layer maquillage and as Alex explained the inspiration behind her work and this shoot I quickly became mesmerized by her process and technique.
The final result for Illamasqua.

I thought I might have grown out of it by now but not to put too much of a finer point on it, I realize I'm part of the Joan Collins school of presentation. I really can't leave the house without at the very least lipstick on! I've been lucky enough to have my make up done by some amazing makeup artists such as Richard Sharah who like Alex Box studied fine art before becoming involved in face painting. Responsible for the high drama looks of the late 70's and 80's Richard conjured up masques of layered pigment creating surrealist visions for people such as Zandra Rhodes and model Vivienne Lynn.

Still from Visage 'Fade To Grey' makeup Richard Sharah

Friend Lesley Chilkes also emerged as a prolific makeup artist and did my makeup for an early shoot with Mario Testino, she created the looks for 80's label Body Map and has continued a career in makeup with a much more natural approach.

On Mario's balcony, makeup Lesley Chilkes 1980

For an invite to one of Antonio Beradi's first shows we did a mock up of an iD cover, Pat McGarth did the make up. She carried on in the tradition of experimentation with surrealist notions of beauty seeking inspiration from unlikely sources.

Pat's makeup

I'm forever intriqued by the art of makeup artists, I had every intention of becoming one when I left school but really only dabbled in a few shoots and videos. There's something very of the moment about makeup, creating a look that will last for the duration of a shoot but ultimately recorded as a photograph for eternity, but that's another story!


  1. 'From the Joan Collins school of presentation.' I know how you feel! Can't leave the house without lipstick cause I feel naked. Lovely post, Julia!

  2. here here to never leaving the house without lipstick! (and much more, really!)
    i love the photos!!!! you look amazing as always!

  3. Fab post, fab pics - LOVE it!
    Yes, me too - from exactly the same school, and NEVER leave the house without lipstick! X


  5. Julia, you look as amazing as ever! I remember when I first met you in Smile and your make-up (and especially lipstick) was always perfect... I was extremely envious and you introduced me to a shade of hot fuchsia lipstick that I loved forever...

    You used to stay with us in Knightsbridge for our crazy weekend parties, a long time ago now but I'm glad to see you still know how to party... Would love to keep in touch!

    Amanda (Mandy, flatmate of Kathleen & Marie and friend of Kay)