Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lovely Hat's at 'THE MILLINER'S TEA PARTY' S/S 2012

What a great idea, 'The Hat Collective' got together today to unveil the latest collections of up and coming milliners in the relaxing surround of Metro Garden Restaurant in Clapham, a garden party indeed named 'The Milliners's Tea Party'. Angela Bruce, Ellen Bowden, Awon Golding, Eliane Sarah and Mandy McGregor each showed the craft, care and love of creating the prettiest, dramatic and artistic sides of hat making in the UK.
In afternoon tea party tradition the soiree began with a selection of refreshing cocktails and delicious tidbits, scones, savory delights and lashings of tea!

Right on with the show...
Galapagos- Angela Bruce

Kaze-Awon Golding

Libby- Eliane Sarah

Lapsangsouchong-Ellen Bowden

Shadow Rose-Anna Pulleyn

As you can see these are very 'my lady' creations, very feminine and jaunty statement makers. I spoke with some of the designers who revealed a passion for their craft.
Bonjour-Awon Bruce

Lorie-Eliane Sarah

Lady Grey-Ellen Bowden

Peony Passion-Mandy McGregor
Fabulous names by the way!
Ni Hao-Awon Golding

Assam-Ellen Bowden

Gertrude Stein-Anna Pulleyn

These are but a few of this seasons collection, the aim of The Hat Collective is to provide a platform for newly graduated miliners. They plan to exhibit future collections each season in and around LFW.

Lastly the Gin Trifle, delightful! (we took the glass cup and saucer home with us!)

The Hat
Turn To The Left PR
Metro Garden Restaurant


  1. This is brilliant Julia!!! what a wonderful group!!

  2. If you would like to see the new millinery talents graduating from Kensington & Chelsea College (Hortensia Road SW10), please come to the private view of their end-of-year show on Wednesday 6th June 2012, 6.15pm-9pm. You will find a copy of the invitation here: - We would be delighted to see you there.

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