Thursday, 15 January 2015

Some favourite moments from London Collections:Men A/W 2015

Lovely time running around LC:M last weekend, here's a few of my best moments...

First up MAN show and Liam Hodges, we're in love with his patches which are a recurring theme and pop up in inventive ways. Slogans and sandwich boards featured.
Here's Owen modeling for Liam he usually makes music btw.

Slogans from Liam Hodges
Quick run round the corner to Victoria House in Bloomsbury to have a look at what Kit Neale is up to this season. This was his debut catwalk show, he usually does a presentation. Lot's of fun playing with ideas of childhood toys as inspiration.
Plus a bit of Andrew Logan jewelry.

Kit Neales boys
Alas and woe I never made it to Lou Dalton's show, it was at 10am on Saturday morning, but as ever Lou always impresses me. What's it always being called? Unstructured tailoring... it's more than that though.
Looking handsome at Lou Dalton
The Sibling team, that's Joe, Sid and Cozette went all pink with a fantastic show. We all left smiling, beautiful knits, lot's of attitude. A sense of rebellion in the happiest of ways.

Everything from Sibling
Next up and my beloved James Long. James worked a relaxed tone with bits hanging off, wrapped up and ready to go plus some fabulous prints from artist James Davison... loved! Oh and there's some polo necks peeking through. Love a polo neck.

James Long illustrated
A dash round to Fashion East... Omg Grace Wales Bonner was my fave. Ebonics was her title theme. She presented a group of jeweled up boys dressed rather luxuriantly I must say. Inspired by 70's decadence, poetics and Harlem Renaissance. Right up my street, camp!

Everythings for Real

Boy beauty at Wales Bonner

I didn't get to see Christopher Shannon this season but I wish I had... that man is so clever. Look at his take on 'trash culture'. 
Christopher Shannon's great knit