Thursday, 20 March 2014

Kylie, She's Nice...

And she's camp and vamp all at the same and therein lies the loveability of Miss Kylie Minogue over the years. She has something enduring and endearing, she's no frosty diva and she doesn't take herself to seriously but she is serious about her work and perhaps that's why we all love her. In real life she's funny with a line in witty repartee and likes nothing more than snuggling up in a cashmere blanket with a good book. That's one side of her, the other is the bit we all see is the Kylie stepping out and working it. She's doing a bit of promotion at the moment what with the release of a new album 'Kiss Me Once'. I went to the intimate gig she did at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch last month where she managed add to add a bit of sparkle to the hipster venue and she flung herself into the after show Karaoke 'Kylieoke' shenanigans with drag performers Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher and the Gay Bingo team much to their amazement and amusement. See it's moments like this that everybody takes her into their hearts. The other night I popped by to see her perform at the Bloomsbury Ballroom for another helping courtesy of Mastercard #PricelessSurprises. She gave us exactly what we wanted, a selection of previous hits 'La La La' included, some new ones from her latest work including 'Sexcercise' complete with dancing girls and exercise balls (which I would say is her homage of Olivia Newton John's 'Lets Get Physical'), plus 'Les Sex' and a costume change thrown in for good measure.

As seen in Stylist magazine - photo by Ellen Von Unwerth

It's that voice that fascinates me, in essence it's the perfect pop voice, there isn't anyone that can match it really. A little bit like she's had a quick inhale on a helium balloon except she hasn't, her high pitched range sits perfectly upon the pop compositions she known for. It's a voice made for pop. In the olden days in order to obtain that kind of warble producers sped up artists voices, (think Madonna's 'Holiday' era), today we have the auto tune.
So with all this was going on I was having a chat with a friend who wondered if Kylie actually had expanded her fan base, 'course she has', I said. She does have a very loyal following who have kept with her through the decades and that's very apparent. She has also kept abreast of of the pop machine, adored by the younger generation who love the latest on the pop scene and I hasten to add have this information on good authority!
Anyway pop fans Kylie is hotting up for a tour so catch her while you can...

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