Thursday, 14 April 2011

'HELP!' (A comedic tale of two flatmates who receive an unexpected visitor)

Dark days, dark days indeed, 'Help' is a satirical play about three friends who irritate the fuck out of each other but ultimately love each other. This is a twisted tale based on (and I'm guessing) on some real life experiences. Matthew Hickey, Ryan Styles and Russell Graham take on meaty roles playing themselves... or are they? The scene takes place in a loft apartment which Ryan and Russell share, the bickering banter is swift and witty, the repartee leaves the audience with mouths agog.

The domestic scene is disturbed by the arrival of Matthew, who it seems has fallen on bad times, caught up with his addictions and hustling to make ends meet. It's a situation one can easily relate to, I often say it's a fine line. The plot moves along when it is revealed that Matthew and Ryan were once a love interest, Russell is caught in the firing line trying to unravel their past. He does it with a series enquiring assumptions delivered  in overtly camp fashion, the suspense is akin to tightrope walking as Russell seduces information from the pair by producing a 'jaffa cake' cake, donning a wig and screaming at Matthew as he pretends to 'use' the toilet. But Russell's is character is savvy, he knows what's really going on.

Ryan and Matthew seek some sort of closure to the situation in the second half, their own seduction ends in macabre fashion... the final line is crossed as Matthew's character takes control...
(You'll have to go and see it to find out what exactly happens! On tonight, 14th at the Bistrotheque cabaret room).

Curtain down.

Written and directed by Tess Christian
Additional Material: Matt Hickey, Ryan Styles
Scenery: David Shenton
Set bulid: Rocky Alvarez
Lighting/sound: David Thackery


  1. Dearest Julia, this sounds great. I wish I'd read it earlier.

    I must see you. What are you up to this weekend? Message me. Much love, C xx