Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jon 'Pleased Wimmin' Does Pop Art Tart

Jon Cooper aka 'Jon Pleased Wimmin' is known as a DJ, music producer and club promoter for his monthly Edinburgh night Dare, which I hasten to add comes to London on a regular basis...  adding a new string to his bow Jon has launched a rather enterprising art project. Centered around musicians, various stars and celebrities (there's a thread of the Warhol's to them) Jon has been busy printing limited editions of his art work, not sure how he does it but there seems to be a formula to his work.
Patti Smith

Inspired by the idea of instant art, his portrayals are immediate and colorful, playing with notions of iconic imagery. He invites you to to become part of his gallery with personal and bespoke commissions.

To find out more enter Jon's web site...  POP ART TART.COM 

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