Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Why Kylie's Still Got It

This week I went to see Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011 at the 02 Arena, a few months ago I went to interview her for Ponystep whilst she was busy preparing for the tour. Matt Irwin took the photos and our Miss Minogue was on top form... you have to get the magazine to read our chat!

Kylie looking fab!

Back to the show and Kylie is really quite remarkable, the thing I'm always quite intrigued by is the pure popness of Kylies voice, there's no one else can sing like that without being sped up! On stage Kylie shines, she was born to it, she lights up, her eyes twinkle... her spectacular and camp shows have become her forté. Apparently this is the most lavish and expensive show ever staged, full of entrances, boys in fish tanks, boys as gladiators, girls in surrealist pom poms, sculptural mesh, sequins, honestly this show is a visual treat. Creative director William Baker really has pulled out all the stops for Aphrodite, this is his dressing up box come to life.

Kylie really engages with her audience, I've seen quite a few of them and I was mortified (in a good way) when she suddenly saw me in the audience and called out my name from the stage for not dancing! Lets face it you really do have to get up when Kylie belts out her major hits! (I even caught myself mouthing along to the choruses the other night.) We've grown up with her and somehow she is like the girl next door, even though her shows are staged she chats away on a personal level noticing handmade banners and loyal fans. And that's what she's really like...

Live phone pic of the 2011 show.

Is Kylie a style icon? Yes she is, her thing is about embracing the dressing up part of the business of show. She takes on each 'look' enjoying every moment. She's not freakish, her allure is sexy and provocative. She taps into old school glamour and pushes boundaries with it,  plays with it and it's so captivating you ultimately end up fancying her without realizing why or how, the saucy minx!


It's really the whole package Kylie projects, her timeless 'lolita-esque' qualities, she's a girl in her early 40's but I bet when she's 70 she'll still have that same indefatigable energy...

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