Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Alchemist Presentation A/W 2011

I never forget how industrious my friends can be, take said Lyall Hakaraia, last week he invited me along with a small gathering of 20 people to fine dine two doors up from his homestead of Vogue Fabrics. Two doors up happens to be a labyrinth of connecting rooms known as MC Motors Warehouse, that on this particular evening became home to  Hakaraia's latest presensation for a feast, performance plus a personal tour of his current collection of accessories. These 'accessories', and I'm sure there must be another word to describe Lyalls feats of adornment because really they're more like sculptural spector's consisting of transparent neck pieces, cuffs and bodices made grey ponyskin, patent leather with brass and magnetic fastenings. The overall effect has a modernity attached to it but the reference points have a powerfully glamourous twist. Nipped in and snapped to the body seems to be the primal focus. Ecru coloured lycra gloves, body formed cut out pieces dipped with a blush of taupe form the basis of Lyalls vision on. 

At first I hadn't the faintest idea of what Lyall had in store for us us as I devoured the main course of lamb tergine, one of A Little Of What You Fancy's delicious dishes from the set menu for the evening. Lyall then informed us a performance was about to commence in the adjoining room... we filed in whilst in the dim light a body hung, two assistants pushed the androgyne back and forth,as she unwrapped, swayed and stretched, limbs flaying. Piece by piece, a ceremony of removal took place, carefully unbound the figure was stripped bare. 

This is Lyall Hakaraia's A/W 2011 collection named 'The Alchemist', he's keeping things very precise, although Lyall is known for creating couture and costumes for many of our contemporary dressers, which you can find out about at

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