Saturday, 3 March 2012

Good News Disco Lovers

Hot off the press the latest from Disco Discharge, four brand new compilations 'Disco Exotica', 'Midnight Shift, 'American Hot' and 'Europa' lovingly researched by one Brighton based Mr. Pinks aka Dave Ackerman. These compilations are a true labor of love... Looking down the set list there's a good few time honored classics, 'Dirty Talk' by Klein & MBO, haven't heard that for a while and here we have the full 8 minutes version. Bette Midler 'Hurricane', Flirtations 'Earthquake', Lipstique 'At The Discotheque' - it goes on and on... Lime is on there with 'Wake Dream', Boys Town Gang 'Dance Trance' 14.24 sublime minutes, Fancy 'Slice Me Nice', Taco 'Puttin' On The Ritz. Alright I'm not going to name all of them but if you're like me you need this latest set. 

Out on Harmless Records via Demon Music.... the same as for this 'must have' disco lovers compilation out in April, PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL CLASSICS: THE TOM MOULTON REMIXES... Four cd set with classy remixes from legend Tom Moulton one of the originators of the disco round extended remix. Including 7 'lost' tracks, you know the hard to find kind type plus The Jones Girls 'Nights Over Egypt', The Three Degrees 'Year Of Decision' and 'Dirty Ol Man', 'Back Stabbers' by The O'Jays to name but a few. 

The man himself Tom Moulton in his prime.
And the cover...

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