Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lucas Nascimento - Rising Star Of Knitwear

This week I got to spend some time with a certain Lucas Nascimento. Since meeting him in the mid 2000's at the very start of his knitwear career Brazilian born Lucas had his dreams set on creative ideas. With his signature tresses of bountiful hair and a personal style that cut a dash on the burgeoning East London scene he was often photographed being somewhat of a style icon himself. Originally inspired by his mother who taught him the basics of knitting with needles he enrolled at LCF and from then on devoted his time to exploring the many variants of yarn, shape and construction.

Lucas Nascimento

Personally I'm fascinated by knitwear being taught by my own grandmother so our friendship often included discussion on various stitches and construct. Lucas has rather wonderfully taken things further with contemporary methods, building pieces with an eye that takes inspiration from many sources. His pieces are luxuriant, flattering and artful. The resulting effect of of subtle pattern and texture often exudes a 3D effect created using yarn in dynamic ways.

With no particular muse in mind Nascimento's women are those who have a strong personal style, an eye for finish with something a bit extra thrown into the equation. After cutting his teeth in Brazils fashion week for 3 seasons Nascimento decided to take the plunge here in London and applied to the British Fashion Councils NEWGEN sponsored by Top Shop. This season saw Lucas present his first LFW collection.  

So much has been going on for Lucas this season, taking his collection to the BFC Paris showroom and next week New York, with reviews in Dazed Digital and Vogue Daily plus numerous influential fashion bloggers excited about his debut. Lucas Nascimento is a name to remember, personally I'm so proud to be his friend and and watch him create and develop such fantastic pieces.

 A few of the latest looks go to  for the full collection.

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