Friday, 12 August 2011

David Hoyle: Unplugged

The always contraversial David Hoyle performs at the Soho Theatre until the 20th August. I went on last Wednesday to see David reflect upon his own insecurities, current affairs and sing accompanied by Michael Roulston on piano. David Hoyle takes a turn… all singing wit, outspoken but heartfelt.
David Hoyle
David Hoyle has had a checkered career, supporter of  the fringe elements of society he has battled with his own demons and with insight those of others. He is a multi dimensional artist, performing, painting and singing. For Hoyle's unplugged session a stream of consciousness is delivered with a lively line of patter which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. 


  1. What a great show. I was there too that night.


  2. PLEASE GO SEE DAVID!!! > His show is BRILLIANT > The persona is unlike the David many of us have experienced and demonstrates the awesome versatility of my hero.
    The 'Unplugged' show runs till Sat 20th August - PLEASE BOOK - PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS - PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR WALL.
    David & Nathan want your support!!!!
    xxx Sleazymichael

  3. Fantastic show !David yet again proves he is the Master.