Friday, 12 August 2011

Andrew Logan... In The Glasshouse

At the moment Andrew Logan is in the process of creating a number of new pieces, one of which is bust of my good self. We started two years ago, had a bit of a break but now we're back for a series of regular sittings. Andrew asked me to sit for him some years ago somehow we never quite got around to it until now. I'm insisting I be placed between Fenella Fielding and his other latest bust of Rula Lenska.
Fenella Fielding by Andrew Logan

During our sittings I confess I take full advantage of Andrews hospitality and pick his brains incessantly. Probing into his colourful past and future projects, his wide range of friends, life in London in the early 70's, the art, fashion and music scene, his parties and the thought process behind the things he creates. 
Andrew originally studied architecture, he's completely self taught I was surprised to find out. He emerged in London as part of a collective of creative people, Zandra Rhodes, Ozzie Clark, the Glam rock scene, Brian Eno, Barbara Halanucki the founder of Biba, Mick and Sheila Rock, Keith from Smile hairdressing salon, Derek Jarman, Duggie Fields, Luciana Martinez, Kevin Whitney, Michael and Gerlinde Costiff to name but a few. Some household names, some like him at the time, striking out with new visions in expressive art. Andrew is a rather modest chap in real life, he lives with his long term bf Michael Davis and comes from a rather large family. 

Andrew's work area
When you enter Andrew Logan's world which is his home as well, aptly named The Glasshouse,  you're at once transported into a glistening and prettified space. Through his dinning and kitchen area up a flight of stairs and into a glass roofed room full with his fractured and fractal mirror splintered work. To the left is a cluttered work area, the main space being crammed with larger finished pieces, jewelry and works in progress.

Andrew Logan meticulously pieces together sculptures, artifacts and jewelry, his process is seems to be about creating things of beauty, surfaces decorated with colourful mosaic inspired cracked glass, glitter resulting in a high camp drama. His subject matter combines portraiture, adornment and symbol.
The resulting sculptures are flash and beautiful, striking in their immediacy. The initial impact is full on with glamour. Larger than life. Loaded with pop culture and at the same time ancient symbolism, Andrew makes no pretense about his intensions, to make things that are beautiful and make you happy. 'Art can be discovered anywhere' he says, there's an attractive nievety to the way Andrew presents himself and his work. in actual fact if you try and analyse what kind of messages Andrew is sending out his philosophy becomes apparent. 
Logan's preoccupation with 'camp' is not to be sniffed at. He himself enjoys the revelations people experience through his work as he does when creating them. A bit on the hippyish side Andrew comes across as a gentle soul. he actively practices yoga and crafts his art with peaceful diligence. 
Andrew with a work in progress
Currently Andrew Logan has created a shop next to his studio in Mellior Place near London Bridge. Andrew Logan Shop opened late in 2010 and sells an array of sculpture and jewelry.

Other things of interest include The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture located in Wales. Forthcoming film 'The British Guide To Showing Off' 

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