Wednesday, 20 January 2010


 Tilda Swinton paid a visit to Soho this month for a screening of love epic “Io Sono l’amore” (“I Am Love”). I heard it took 10 years to make, Tilda said 11 when she introduced the film. Anyway ‘I Am Love’ out in the spring is a tale of a proper lady originally from Russia, ends up married to a prosperous Italian guy, has a few kids and acts like a real queen of all she surveys… until that is she gets all frothed up with her son’s chef mate! The designer clothes come off and she’s in for a romp! This of course has serious implications; I won’t divulge much more and ruin it for you!

On the fashion front Tilda wore a lot of Jil Sander for her role but the reference point I loved was the beautifully constructed hair knot in the shape of a shell – ala Kim Novak in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 classic ‘Vertigo’. When I spoke to Tilda she actually said I was the first person to notice! Well I did use to be a hairdresser! Oh and we should mention the music… equally as Hitchcockesque, lot’s of swooning melodrama in the string section’s supplied by John Adams adding to the climax of it all.

Lady Tilda on the night looked on form, androgynous short back and sides, black zippered suit, translucent visage. She has an ethereal quality about her we love and quite frankly as a style icon Tilda Swinton is top of the heap!


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