Wednesday, 20 January 2010


For those of you who don't know... Scottee is 'Performer Of The year' 2010 (Time Out)!

I first met Scottee about 10 years ago or so, he soon became established on the club scene as a DJ and performer as part of the duo Yer Mum & Yer Dad. Working with producer and DJ Jim Warboy in the early noughties they came up with a wonderful selection of electronic club hits all in the best possible taste!

Scottee went on to further his artistic endeavors with solo projects 'Mess', 'Buy A Better You' and expanded his repertoire with performance club 'Eat Your Heart Out', collaborating with Jonny Woo for 'Texas Chainsaw Mascara' and Sami Knight in 'Tenor Ladies'.

Scottee's inspiration is part Leigh Bowery, part Divine, elements of high drama campery  and witty repartee combined with a darker satire skillfully threaded throughout his work... he embraces life, love and drag full throttle making a mark very much his own. We salute you Scottee!

Currently a limited edition DVD 'Never Trust A Man In A Wig' and EP 'Stuff' are available now.

Photos-Princess Julia

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