Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mostly obsessed with a/w 2015 season of illustration on fashion...

Is it only me but have you noticed the way illustration on fashion is a thing for the coming season. I'm a regular supporter of London fashion Week and keep an eye what's going on further afield...

Let's start off with James Long and James Davison's transported work. James has been busy sketching away on the front rows this season but for James Davison his drawings became part of the fabric. Davison says he felt quite detached once he saw his artwork being worn. Personally I like the way artwork takes on another life away from the flatness of paper. 

James Long menswear LC:M a/w 2015 with James Davison's illustration.
James Davison's sketch for Sibling menswear a/w 2015
For a/w 2015 Claire barrow, a prolific painter, created collection 'High Flyers'. Her signature work is key to her  designs. She paints onto everything, leather, silk, prints and embroidery feature everywhere. 

Most wantable, Claire Barrow's emblazoned leather trench coat a/w 205

Swirling faces on silk, Claire Barrow a/w 2015
Over at Kim Jones' house, delving into his passion for Christopher Nemmeth Kim created a menswear collection for Louis Vuiton using a homagé of imagery.

Kim Jones for Louis Vuiton featuring the work of Christopher Nemmeth a/w 2015 
I have to include the fact that Peter Jensen used my own watercolours this season...

Peter Jensen wool crepe dress with detail a/w 2015

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