Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I love wearing makeup, I love talking about makeup and listening to other people talk about makeup, MAC's UK Director Terry Barber gave us a fabulous resumé of all things MAC for S/S 2014 recently. I just love his references which included Noosha Fox, Veruscha,  and a vision of a 'slept in Bardot'. It all starts off with a complexion that reveals a 'fine veil of radiance', it's non-makeup makeup, blurring, plumping and resurfacing. I was fascinated to learn that MAC have incorporated products that mimic and incorporate an element of skin care into the equation. Makeup + skin care = reality and a resurfaced perfection. I got up today and did a bit of that myself with their Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm, course I had to have a go... glides on a treat I have to say.

I was a bit worried it wouldn't cover my imperfections but it did I'm happy to say and I did feel an added layer of moisture and protection, it's an SPF 30, fight those elements dears and get 'perfection in texture' as Terry described it. Next it's the Prep + Prime CC pressed powder, now powder is very important to me and this recipe is light but covers well without being claggy. Right, moving on lets talk about blush... 'not simply there for cuteness', I always think I might end up looking like 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane' no chance here though, the idea is all about washes and textures, brightening rather than creating structure. Have a look at the make up Lucia Peironi created for Giles and you'll get the jist. Alex Box did a clever thing, blocking out areas with white highlights, the effect of daylight beauty. There's a return to femininity, less androgynous but just as arresting. Lips next, 'rubbed rosebud neutral', stripping the formality away there's a sense of effortlessness, a 'slipped on red', chicory, tobacco and walnut stained hues. 

Obviously there's an art to acquiring this particular look the word 'painterly' sprung to mind as an image of Peter Pilotto's dense matt lilac lip flashed up, Kabuki for Manish also revealed a painterly attitude in his work. Eyes... new feline, doe eyed, natural glitter over super sexy vampish cats-eye eyeliner. Miranda Joyce for Sister by Sibling hit the nail on the head with flirty, a nods as good as a wink attitude. I also liked the chalky white eyeliner effect for Kenzo and hint of a brushstroke from Mash Ma. There are false eyelashes but they're enhancing rather than the main feature, think Holly Fulton's adorable girl woman, a hint of the Lolita's and you're off!   

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