Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Straight into the new year and I've spent my time endevouring to get motivated with a bit of yoga, editing interviews for iD mag, writing about motorbikes for GQ Style, a fantastic interview for  Ponystep with The Gossip and my regular weekly QX mag club column 'Revoltage' which keeps me in the loop of clubland (plus the odd bit of djing).

On the subject of bands taking a sabbatical it's been my pleasure to catch with latest from Garbage, who have been off the scene since the retrospective album 'Absolute Garbage' in 2007. New album out in March entitled 'Not Your Kind Of People' came my way in the form of an album sampler 'Angelfish', 5 new tracks of classic Garbage. Now then Garbage have got their sound and their sticking to it, hardcore fans won't be disappointed, the gorgeous Shirley Manson holds the fort with an instantly recognizable vocal style. I was always a fan of her style both vocally and visually.

Track list so far...
1. Big Bright World
2. Felt
3. I Hate Love
4. Beloved Freak

Charismatic storm trooper Mark Stewart from The Pop Group returns with an album of collaborations called The Politics Of Envy. Such is the kudos of The Pop Group, who did a one off reformation gig last year at The Garage in Islington after a 30 year break that it seems people are queuing up to be involved. First single 'Autonomia' with Primal Scream, namely Bobby Gillespie in tow is quite a racket and is out February 20th, the album being due for release on Future Noise Music .

The Gossip have been working on a new album produced by Brian Higgins of Xenomania notoriety. I caught up with them for a hilarious interview for Ponystep mag and got absolutely no information out of them, Beth decided to interview me and we just collapsed in a heap of laughter.  Anyway the said album is due out later this year and the band are very excited about it with a string of gigs planned!

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