Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Top Tip for Festival Goers.. Melissa Jelly Shoes!

Top tip for festival goers, the footwear problem is solved with the Melissa jelly shoe experience! Come rain or shine, muddy field or grassy hillock a Melissa shoe really does solve the issue for the style conscious amongst us. Tried and tested, I trolloped through 10 inch deep mud last weekend in a pair of Westwood designed bootees. Mock ye not, they stood up rather well!

When day turned into dusk and the lure of Vogue Fabrics loomed I turned to the latest strappy number from Viv Westwood, a pair of buckled plastic heels. I can see you sniggering at the though of wading through the mud slush of a camp site! But these Melissa's are of course waterproof. Ok a few wobbly moments, but these girls have grip as well.

Next day and time to slip into a cushioned Westwood wedge. Sun blazing I skillfully graced a bare shin down to the breakfast area. The toes did need a breather.

Big plus, just stick 'em under the tap and all traces of any festival disappear...

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  1. FAB! Love a washable shoe!

    I must say I particularly love the idea of you 'trolloping' through 10 inches of mud!

  2. Ok ... Read it now... instead of just looking at the images ;)