Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Er, Glastonbury...

Somehow I've managed to avoid this festival of festivals, that is until this Saturday when I will be getting an afternoon train and arriving early evening to partake in what will probably be a bit of a muddy and messy experience. I'm actually djing at the Vogue Fabrics area at the night called 'Pop' and I imagine I will not be leaving this part of Glasto swampland until Sunday.

All most amusing, slightly concerned about footwear so I've booked a visit to the Melissa jelly shoes company in the hope of something fashionably waterproof. Obviously I want something with a heel of sorts!

Anyway the salacious theme of Vogue Fabrics is all a bit 'slap and tickle' so to speak, on the line up Dalstons finest will be entertaining festival goers with a multitude of goings on... i've copied and pasted here as I couldn't put it more succinctly!

'A kinky disco in a field, sensory stimulus, Benidorm or Bedlam, aversion therapy, sexual deviation, addictive obsessions, abnormal results, behaviour modification, enlightenment, aftercare. Different shades of fun for consenting adults only. We're saucing things up for Glastonbury 2011 without a burlesque routine in sight...come and get literally vajazzled.' 

Bedlam will be ruled over by living Goddess, all the way from Los Angeles;
Danni Daniels

While the Mayor of Benidorm is porn superstar
Ashley Ryder

Your host for the weekend is Tranny with a Fanny,
Each evening, we showcase the finest queer performers

Bourgeois & Maurice

Jonny Woo & Batty Lashes present Les Goom

Miss Annabel Sings

Mr Teds

Natalie Monroe

More to be announced...

After midnight, we turn into an all-night sweaty and kinky disco, hosted by the finest East London club nights

Friday | Dirtbox
Jos Gibson, Borja Peña & Duchess of Pork

Saturday | POP!
Princess Julia, Duchess of Pork & Holestar

Sunday | Hot Boy Dancing Spot
The Lovely Jonjo, Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont, Wer'e Not Cool & Josh Caffe

Set Design

Alun Davies

Anna Bruder


Cathal O'brien

Alexandros Pissourios


Lorenzo Rosi

Vogue Fabrics is located in the basketball court of the NYC Downlow in the Block 9 Field

Films from 8pm
Performances from 10pm
Disco 12 – 6am

Open minds only


  1. What about these?:

    I hope you find something suitably glamorous.

  2. Awh! thanks Scarlett! just saw the weather report and it looks like it might perk up for the weekend! xxxxx

  3. I hope you find something, or perhaps you could fashion something?

    Good luck.