Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Last nights 'do' at the Tate Modern for Michael Clark was quite something I must say, alas I missed the first section of Clarks company's dance section in the Turbine Hall. Never mind I met Michael Snipe, who introduced himself 'Hi, I'm Michael Snipe'... 'Hello dear', I said, secretly I was thinking, 'Oh, I know Larry Tee, didn't you go out with him?' That would have been too much though! Anyway I was thinking of having a fag with artist Simon Popper when the band struck up! It was Relaxed Muscle, Jarvis Cockers band of the noughties. I was well excited, I actually brought their 7"single Sexualized/Billy Jack in 2003. I bustled in to get a better view. Jarvis had a face slathered in abstract makeup, so did his band, he was working his corner with a lot of gesture, I was quite mesmerized...

Meanwhile Michael Clark did a bit of a swirl over in the disco area to Relaxed Muscles music. Couldn't get close enough though. Michael dashed off when it was all over, quickly dressing to get ready for the next part of the evening, which was another bit of the Michael Clark Company's show on the main floor of the Turbine Hall. Was bloody amazing, highlight? Kraftwerk, Bowie with a combination of his company and the his ingenious and very enthusiastic non-trained dance troupe. Love!
After all this excitement, and a couple of red wines later Jarvis struck up again...

Look at him dears! Relaxed Muscle are an experimental sideline of dark wave goings on. Anyway after there bit I stuck a few songs on for the disco dance entertainments, while making Trevor Jackson go and get me some nibbles from the chocolate fountain. Jeffrey Hinton turned up for a back to back dj session, I took full advantage of him and went off for a fag, Mr Cocker was packing up so I had a chat with him. 'Hello dear', I said, he looked bemused. 'Yes, I met you at Giles Deacons birthday party, I thought that was a great set'. 'And it will be the last of Relaxed Muscle', he said, while sipping on his glass of white wine. We had a lovely chat I must say, we talked about cats... or was that with Bobby Gillespie!

Glad I caught them then. By the way after guzzling more chocolate fountain dipped marshmallows and fruit I got back on the decks with Jeffrey till 1am. I want to do more discos in the Turbine Hall!


  1. Jarvis and a chocolate fountain! It sounds bloody brilliant! I must try and pop and see you at the shop soon. I'm having a wardrobe edit tomorrow. Much love xx

  2. I definately fancy Jarvis Cocker and would've had trouble trying to hold anything that resembled a conversation with him.
    Nice to meet you, the fabulous Christina sent me over to say hello. You are amazing. x