Saturday, 14 May 2011


Off I trottered to the Mute Records do up at the Roundhouse yesterday (Friday 13th) and basically saw everything in the Studio Theatre, basically  Komputer, Balanescu Quartet, Carter Tutti With Nik Void, Non and Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire). I did catch a bit of Nitzer Ebb on the main stage, missed the end, the lure of Tutti was too much!

Komputer,  Simon Leonard and David Baker, two boffins from Muswell Hill, are quite a pair in matching red boiler suits twiddling about. Originally signed to Mute in '84 as I Start Counting and releases as Fortran 5, they did quite a few old numbers and kept the pace going with a few intermittent chats... one of the true originators of future electronic pop.

Non, that's Boyd Rice is happily controversial, starting out in the mid '70's with a whole lot of concepts his noise pollution his highly entertaining. For this show he got his drill out, attempted to attach some sort of flaying gadget, got there in the end with help from a member of the audience and proceeded to play his electric guitar with it. I heard someone say they liked his film projections, Non, Rice provocative.

Tutti Box v1.0 from Chris Carter on Vimeo.

Chris Carter Tutti With Nik Void from Factory Floor were really the hit of my evening, extended pulses, subtle, mesmerizing, nice bit of reverbed wailing from Cosey... the crowd were with them. We were feeling the love. They worked really well in the intimacy of the Studio room but I can't help feeling they should have been on the main stage... there was a queue of people who couldn't get in!

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