Saturday, 13 March 2010


First solo exhibition in London for Artist Anders Clausen... 'A file rather than a text?' Anders considers the mundane within the tools of computer formats, enlarging and examining layout within the boundaries of a screen and it's possibilities...
By collage in the most modern of mediums his art considers glimpses of a personal/impersonal nature. The customising of texture - 'wall paper' edits, direction, suggestion and decision.
Clausen's execution allows the viewer to zoom in on detail, explicitly mounted on aluminium the austere sterility is beguiling. Upon closer inspection something of human nature peeks through.
Dominic Eichler describes Clausen's work, 'Each formal scheme overlays others. Something else-lets admit it that most collages don't look like collages anymore they are much to sneaky, beyond doubt-that's what we want isn't it, not the past and not more realness but far, far less?'

Hotel Gallery-77a Greenfield Road, E1
Exhibition on until 27th March.

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