Sunday, 28 February 2010

THE MAKING OF... 'Seance On A Wet Afternoon', an experimental music video for Goodnight and I Wish*

Goodnight And I Wish is Brandon Jacob's melodic and dreamlike band. Emmaalouise Smith is a film maker and photographer still at college. They're a couple and together they compliment each other's artistic out pourings...

It was indeed a rainy afternoon and filming took place in the upstairs snug bar of Shoreditch pub The Griffin. 

Brandon wait's for his moment while Emmaalouise prepares for filming... for this project she's using Super 8. 

Fellow member of the band Thom Warren in shot with Brandon... 

The plot of the film centers around three ghostly apparitions and the reaction they cause. The atmosphere is victorian gothic nightmare but actually could be set in any era. As Emmaalouise remarked whilst filming, 'It's a timeless piece'.
Suitably ghost-like and with much smoke preparing for a big moment of spookiness... 

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