Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I confess I'm a fan of my friend!


Shakespeare’s Sister is Siobhan Fahey and her faithful band. Siobhan's getting ready for a new chapter and album 'Songs From The Red Room' is the latest thread in the adventurous life of Fahey. Her 'live' set consists of a concoction of SS hits ‘Stay’, ‘You’re History’ and her more recent stuff… ‘Pulsatron’, ‘Bad Blood’ (By the way DJ Luke Howard and I did some remixes!) Hello Siobhan! At a recent gig she arrived on stage dressed in slinky silver, (designed by herself) headdress with dangly bits, dramatic eyes and dramatic presence. She looked happy to be here and so she should, Fahey exudes. Her gravely voice, words grinding against a backdrop of elastically seasoned sound waves that have a sprinkling of glam, a heap of seduction and a sense of occasion. Strictly speaking SS are pop with a twist, arriving on a scene in the late 80’s she beguiled her fans and won over the more avant-garde of us tapping into a considered vocabulary of song writing and song construction. From the atmosphere she creates playing live she’s ready for her long awaited tour which kicks off around April 2010!

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