Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Lot's to report over the next few months one of which is that I've been asked to dress a Christmas tree for Make Hackney Sparkle this year. What is Make hackney Sparkle? Well I heard about it last year as fashion designer Louise Gray dressed a tree, but it's basically a series of events around Hackney. In this case 5 trees are selected to stand in 5 areas around East London, local designers and creatives are then asked to dress a tree. I'm doing the Shoreditch one this year, James Long is taking part along with menswear designers Lou Dalton and Craig Green. I'm looking forward to what they are going to do.

I've decided to pay homage to the drag, trans, LGBT, dressing up and performance community in the area by dressing the tree with drag heels gleaned from friends and topping it off with some huge gonky wigs. I feel it's very important that our presence in the area is represented... all those years dragging our heels around local hotspots in full makeup helping to make Hackney such a vibrant and cultural and hopefully safe area! I am also thinking about traditional and historical drag i.e. Cinderella and the Pantomime Dame. 
Anyway here are some preliminary ideas so you get the picture...

Lights on 29th November at Hackney Town Hall... 


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