Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Late Supper at Hoi Polloi with an installation from Jeffrey Hinton Thursday 1st May

Jeffrey Hinton is hosting a midnight supper this Thursday 1st May 2014 at Hoi Polloi. He will be showing an installation of his work based on his recent screening at BFI Flare from 10 till 1am. 
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And here's an excerpt I wrote for Hoi Polloi's menu paper issue #22...

'Today we take a glimpse into the world of deejay and archivist Jeffrey Hinton whose main interests revolve around music... dance music predominantly. Think of a club and he's either deejayed there, been seen flinging himself around the dance floor or propping up the bar imparting wise words. A deejay career that spans over 3 decades and a back catalogue of club life he's clearly in the realm of 'legendary legend' status. His residences include  Taboo, The Daisy Chain and Queer Nation, fast forward into the present and he is often seen playing at the Dalston Superstore, Vogue Fabrics and East Bloc.  Along the way he's recorded via film and photography an unfolding visual diary of his social life that has included the many creative people he has encountered, a disco family who have stuck a chord with Jeffrey. He's a passionate soul, enquiring and genuinely enthralled and excited when he 'clicks' with old and new friends alike. 
In the past few years Jeffrey has tackled his archive resulting in a fascinating exploration into the world he inhabits, scenes of experimental performance, moments captured with people long gone an informed legacy that continues to inspire a younger generation. Within a kaleidoscope of moving image characters continue to live in the lens of Jeffrey Hinton. His most recent edited archive result's in a film, Life's a Drag (a celebration). His montage of rare footage includes amateur drag performer Rose Marie, Hot Peaches performance troupe, disco diva Space Princess and and even himself in drag from the 80's married with todays stars of drag, Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher, Gay Bingo and Sink The Pink to name just a few. Jeffrey takes a dreamlike look inside a world that addresses gender and sexuality over three decades, exploring the fringes of self expression where flamboyance and glamour can be interpreted with a serious and reflective social agenda.' 

Jeffrey Hinton

Luke Howard

Sink The Pink

Space Princess

Rose marie

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