Wednesday, 22 February 2012

'He Gave Me Blue Roses...

Life! (Vicariously)', Meadham Kirchhoff presented their 2012 Fall show the other afternoon and what a moment of exhilaration it was. Self confessed fans of the 80's their 'take' took nods towards clubland legends of yore, Leigh Bowery, Rachel Auburn, Trojan and Michael Clark. Music supplied by Taboo DJ Jeffrey Hinton (Roxy and Abba), attitude from dancer and choreographer Les Child, (strident glitter). The mood was UP for this one and everyone walked out with a smile on their face. 
The collection itself was a combustion of colour, fabric and shape.  Piled on to the hilt, yards of swathes and drapes, pattern clashes, faux fur topped off with wigage and painted faces. 

Film of the Meadham Kirchhoff moment.

Attention to detail is what Meadham Kirchoff are know for, the moment I received the invite I knew I was in for something a bit different. In the goodie bag a thankyou note, nail covers, chocolate designed by themselves plus a bottle of perfume.

The invite.

An optimistic collection 'Integral force to the whole gorge'. (Les Child)

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