Saturday, 10 July 2010


The Fabulous Russella got busy with a confessional in the shape of The Russella Show at east Londons Bistrotheque. The show itself charted Russella's beginnings as a bullied schoolboy, her brief stint at the local biscuit factory and a further voyage of discovery at dance school. Russella then went on to explore her drag persona as Xtina (a take on Christina Aguilera) and entered Jonny Woo's Tranny Lypsyinching on the very stage she performed on this evening!
The show itself consisted of inventive sketches, songs and film excerpts. Russella relived hysterical moments from her life... a chain smoking character from the biscuit factory, her take on Princess Diana and amazing dance routines!
Russella's early beginnings as a spotty child, she soon discovered a humourous streak to survival!

Life in the biscuit factory complete with a white noise drone soundtrack...

Finally a cameo role for o.a.p. tranny Jeannie Dee who after a song and some diatribe sportingly allowed Russella to do away with her in the store cupboard...

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  1. I can't believe I missed this, it sounded brilliant. I will go to the next one xx